Karoline Brüstle

Karoline Brüstle Portrait

Started with Athletic Sports in a club located in her hometown, Karoline developed her passion for Triathlon. In 2015 she finished her first race and since 2017 she is active in the state division squad of the TV Mengen.

Besides that, Karoline was able to finish a few more competitions, like the Rhein-Neckar-Cup in Germany. For 2019, which is her first year as a professional Triathlet,  the main goals are to compete in more Olympic and middle distance competitions.

The biggest motivation for Karoline is the pure pleasure for every single one of the three disciplines, and the willingness to always beat her own performance.

Currently, Karoline lives and works in the Lake-Constance region.


  • 2. Triathlon Neckarsulm, Sprint distance
  • 1. City-Triathlon Backnang, Sprint distance
  • 1. Triathlon Rheinfelden, Olympic distance
  • 1. Triathlon Obernai, Middle distance
  • 1. Triathlon Erbach, Olympic distance
  • 1. Ladenburger Triathlon, Olympic distance
  • 4. HeidelbergMan, Olympic distance
  • 2. Triathlon Karlsdorf, Sprint distance
  • 2. Triathlon Viernheim, Olympic distance
  • 2. Rhein-Neckar-Cup 2018

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